Game Development


A software library for video game development. Includes support for basic 2D graphics, image/file manipulation, text output, audio output, data files, 3D graphics, etc. It is cross-platform (supports Windows, macOS, Unix-like systems, Android, iOS).


An open-source 3D modeling program, graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and video games. 


An open-source physics simulator engine written in C++, used for 2D games. Performs constrained rigid body simulation, used by BlitzBasic, LibGDXUnity, Stencyl and other programs. 

Chipmunk Pro

A lightweight, high performance 2D physics engine, widely used for physics rich games on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and game consoles. Contains extended functionality taking maximum advantage of iOS hardware. 


An open source cross-platform game framework used to build games, apps and other cross-platform GUI based interactive programs.


A simple sound engine, a part of Cocos2D, used for managing playing sounds in game development for iOS. 


A Lua-based, cross-platform framework used to build games/apps for mobile, desktop and connected TV devices, namely iOS, Android, Kindle, Apple TV, Android TV, macOS & Windows. 


An Apple Game Framework, provides the ability to build multiplayer and turn-based apps, create network games. 


A game creation engine, an authoring tool that does not require coding. 


A server technology platform and 3D game engine for creating and operating MMO-style games. 


The underlying scripting language used by game designers to build the game itself.


An open-source game development application framework written in Java. Iit is cross-platform, used for developing games for mobile and desktop platforms, works for 2D


Apple's game development framework for iOS and OS X. Provides graphics rendering and used to animate sprites (arbitrary textured images).


A cross-platform game engine used to develop 2D or 3D video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites. 

Unreal Engine 4

A game engine developed by Epic Games. It is a package of development tools created for those who deal with real-time technology.

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