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A 2D physics engine for games. A physics engine simulates the physics of objects to give them believable real-life movement. Box2D is written in C++, but has been ported to many different languages by the user community.

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First released 2007
Developed by Erin Catto
Open-source Yes
Used by GameMaker Studio, Unity, BlitzBasic

Interesting facts

An earlier version of the Box2D engine, now known as Box2D Lite, was released primarily for educational purposes, based on a series of yearly Game Developers Conference presentations that Erin Catto has given. 

A physics engine is not a game engine. Box2D is very good at simulating physics but it is not intended to draw nice graphics, use the network, build worlds or load a game level for you.

Source: iforce2d.net


Development by Synergize.digital

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