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Web-based software project management and bug tracking system. Provides an integrated Wiki, an interface to version control systems, and a number of convenient ways to stay on top of events and changes within a project. Integrates with major version control systems including Subversion and Git.


A flexible web-based task management application that provides a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. Trello uses the Kanban system. It has many areas of application, other than software developments, like lesson planning and real estate management.


A global platform and IT company. It provides security solutions, advanced data analytics, infrastructure services, application services, cloud management software, etc. It is designed mainly for government, commercial and financial markets.


An open-source software tool for building and maintaining portable virtual development environments and working with virtual machines. It provides a simple and easy to use command-line client for managing these environments. It is also written in Ruby.


An HTTP accelerator, also known as a caching reverse proxy. It can increase the speed of a website, while reducing the load on the web server. Depending on the architecture, it can speed it up with a factor of 300 to 1000 times. The tool is also very fast, flexible and reliable.

VCS services

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab.

VCS tools

Stands for Version Control System. Any VCS tool, online or otherwise, is a repository of files, where developers can add new or change existing files, while monitoring these changes. Such tools allow to see who made the changes, resolve conflicts in code, return to previous versions and other features.


A Java-based template engine that enables anyone to manage a template language to reference objects designated in Java code. It is primarily used by web designers create websites that look good, without worrying about the backend side of development.

Version Control System (VCS)

VCS, also known as SCM (Source Control Management), is a way to manage and document changes developers make to software code.​


A text editor for Unix like systems. It acts as window to the file that needs editing and reflects the changes. It allows to insert new text, change or delete different units of a file, such as words, sentences, paragraphs or just separate characters.


Stands for Vi IMproved. A text editor that is included as "vi" with UNIX OS and Apple OS X. It supports most programming languages and file formats, and can be integrated with other tools. Aside from standard text editing tools, it can also be extended via plugins.

Visual SourceSafe

A source control program that creates, maintains and organizes a virtual library of computer files. It allows to backup source files, see earlier versions of a file, manage file releases. It also enables merging, branching and sharing.

Visual Studio Code

Code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages and runtimes. Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows.


A virtualization software company. It provides a completely virtualized set of hardware to the guest operating system. It also includes networking/security management tools, software-defined data center, etc. There is also a cloud version of the products.


VMware platform that provides intelligent operations management, high performance, availability of the software infrastructure / applications, good for cloud environment. 


Stands for Visual Studio Team Services. It is the online version of Team Foundation Server, an IDE developed by Microsoft that allows to encompass development teams. It provides special roles and tools for software architects, developer specialties and testers.


An online communication and team collaboration tool. It is used for remote team work. It allows video conferencing and screen sharing, and also provides specialized functionality for webinars, training, remote technical support.


A multi-purpose app for social media activity, messaging and mobile payments. It is cross-platform and allows you to set up an account for social media interactions. WeChat is akin to other messengers in that you can send text messages, have video and voice calls and share media files.


It is a continuous delivery platform, based on Docker. It provides features for developing, building and deploying applications. Wercker also uses Git integrations, debugging and testing pipelines and Docker integrations, as well as features for managing all pipelines and workflows.


A live protocol analyzer with offline analysis features. It allow to see everything that is happening on a network and inspect multiple protocols at a time. It also allows to export results into different formats and run the tool on different platforms.


A natural language developing tool. It is used to build speech recognition and voice control apps. It also allows to build bots (text or voice based), building voice interfaces to go with apps, voice command tools for appliances and robots, and other features involving voice interfaces.


Stands for Windows Server Update Services. A Microsoft computer program used by administrators to manage the distribution of updates in a corporate environment. It is an integral component of the Windows Server.


A software building tool from Apache, it is open source cross-platform web server that consists of Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB and interpreters for PHP and Perl scripts, allows to create a local web server for testing and deployment purposes. 


A mind mapping software that supports mind maps, tree diagrams, fishbone diagrams, spreadsheets, organization charts, etc. It has brainstorming mode and presentation mode.


An open-source framework for developing programming languages and DSLs. It generates a parser, class models for the Abstract Syntax Tree, as well as provides a fully featured IDE. Xtext is a part of the Eclipse Modeling Framework.

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