Microsoft's task automation and configuration management framework. It includes a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework. It is an important tool for network administrators.


A free CMS and framework. It provides strong control over templates, fields, pages, and markup. It is adaptable to the user (developer or client), offers easy APIs and plugins. ProcessWire can function like a relational database since it allows pages to cross-reference each other.

Redshift (app)

An application that adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to the position of the sun. Redshift is mainly used on Linux and is intended to reduce eye strain. The app sets different color temperature for day and night since your eyesight is more when working at night.


Stands for Quick Emulator. It is a hardware virtualization hypervisor. QEMU emulates the CPU and allows running guest operating systems. It is used for emulating user processes for applications compiled on another architecture.


A utility for simplifying project development and automating Makefiles generation. It supports different platforms and customizes makefiles to the one it runs on. It is integrated and distributed along with Qt framework, but can also be used in projects that are not written in Qt.

Rational Team Concert

A team collaboration tool for software development projects. It allows to manage team work and includes features for planning iterations and releases, issue tracking, change management, control and automation. Supports all project management methodologies.


An flexible web-based project management tool, written using Ruby on Rails framework. It is cross-platform and works with different databases. It provides feature for working on multiple projects and associated subprojects, including project wikis, time tracking, and role-based access control.


A scripting tool used to add functionality to Rhino, which is an open source JavaScript engine. It is based on VBScript language from Microsoft. The tool is easy to use, but it is also based on older technology, therefore Rhino is moving forward to using the more flexible Rhino.Python.


Stands for Remote Sync. A free utility for copying and synchronizing files across computer systems via the timestamp and size of these files. It allows to synchronize local and remote data across directories, disks and networks, and also perform data backups.


A software package for network administrators. It allows easy setup and configuration, as well as freedom of choosing systems and equipment. The tool provides secure file and printing services on most operating systems.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is known as a visual intelligence tool to create and visualize stories on dataset. It was earlier known as Visual Intelligence tool where you could visualize data and create stories to provide graphical details of the data.


A web-based integrated tool from SAP. It is used to simplify end-to-end application development, as well as for debugging, testing, deploying apps with templates, samples, code editors. It can be used to extend apps created in SAP Fiori.


Stands for Statistical Analysis System. A data analysis tool for data management, data mining, statistical analysis, data warehousing and more. It also provides features for writing reports, developing business models and applications.


A project management tool for Scrum used mainly for team work. It provides all necessary features for planning, developing roadmaps and requirement maps. It also allows to create reports, detailed issues and track work progress.


An SCSI target stack for Linux used for creating storage devices from a Linux box. Devices created with SCST provide a number of advanced functions, such as automatic backup, provisioning, replication and high availability.


A real-time error tracking tool. It gives insight into production deployments and information for reproducing and fixing crashes. Sentry uses an SDK to capture data. It integrates with many popular programming languages, including Python, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Java, etc.


A web-based Microsoft's document management and collaboration tool, the system that can tie a lot of PCs and mobile devices together, can be used for coordination by companies with a hundred employees.


A free plug-in and a development tool that is powered by the .NET framework. It is used for creating user experiences for mobile applications and the web. The latest versions supported multimedia and graphics, alongside media streaming.


A model-based graphical programming environment, used for simulating dynamic systems. Simulink also offers features for analyzing, testing and MATLAB integrations. It allows one to see a representation of a design under consideration without needing to write the code.


The name is an acronym for 'Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge'. A cloud-based team collaboration tool for organizing and simplifying communication on a project. It is also available for desktop and mobile devices.


A workload manager used to schedule jobs in different-sized Linux clusters. Slurm has three key functions: 1) giving access to users for a limited period of time to perform a certain action; 2) providing a framework for executing and monitoring these actions; and 3) managing a queue of work that is pending.


An open source platform used to manage source code quality. It provides code analyzers, reporting tools, defects hunting modules and TimeMachine. It is written in Java, but can analyse code in approximately 20 programming languages.


A free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac platforms. It provides a graphical interface for repositories, between users and Git, in which simplifies its use for beginners, who haven’t mastered Git, and experts, who can be more productive focusing solely on the code.


A platform for analyzing and monitoring machine-generated big data with a web-style interface.  It provides different tools for generating graphs, reports, alerts, visualizations, and other graphics, based on the data collected into a searchable repository.

SQL Developer

An Oracle Database IDE with a graphical UI that is used for working with SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Java Procedures, and XML in order to simplify managing database tasks. It also support other Oracle products and enables use of third-party extensions and plugins

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