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An open source client-side development tool. It is used for building modern web applications. It also offer functionality for generating a starter template, managing dependencies, running unit tests, optimizing production code for deployment.


A fast online tool for issue tracking and reporting, as well as a project management tool. It includes features for auto-completion, batch manipulation of issues, customizing a set of issue attributes, and creating custom workflows.


A network monitoring tool. It works with a centralized Linux-based server to automatically collect and parse data from monitored hardware, in real time. It also allows administrators to check availability in network performance.


A very simple app for scheduling and managing deskless teams. The main features are self-scheduling, shift signup and live communication. Used by service industries and nonprofits to better deal with fluctuating staff demand.


A centralized service for distributed applications. It offers a naming registry, and features for maintaining configuration information, providing group services and distributed synchronization. It is applied to C or Java in combination with a service component.


Zoom is the cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, webinars etc.

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