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Family of portable, multitasking and multi-user operating systems. The ideas behind UNIX had a huge impact on the development of computer operating systems. Currently, UNIX-systems are recognized as one of the most historically important OS.

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First released 1969
Developed by Bell Labs
Latest stable version UNIX v7
Open-source Yes
Used by Amazon, IBM, Google

Interesting facts

Today, there are two kinds of operating systems that look like Unix. The first group contains all those that have common kernel code with the original, developed at Bell Labs, later AT&T. This includes the commercial UNIX variants, like Solaris, or AIX . The other group includes free ones that usually have BSD in their name, like FreeBSD, OpenBSD ,NetBSD and Mac OS X which is based off free bsd, and systems based on the Linux kernel. The free systems, with the exception of the BSD systems, do not have common code with the original UNIX. To avoid confusion, many people speak about Unix and Unix-like systems.


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