Cloud Computing


A container application platform for building, developing and deploying any infrastructure; a supported distribution of Kubernetes that uses DevOps tools and Docker containers for application development.


An open source software platform for private and public clouds. As an IaaS platform, OpenStack enables companies to add servers, storage and networking components to their cloud.


It is a web-based enterprise data storage, designed for collaboration, file sharing and file synchronization. ownCloud supports different formats, including Open Document and PDF. It offers different usability features, including shared document editing, anti-virus protection, desktop and mobile applications.


Platform as a service, PaaS for short, is a cloud-based computing environment that enables to develop, run and manage web applications without having to deal with the infrastructure necessary for building apps. Like IaaS, PaaS includes infrastructure – servers, storage, and networking – but also middleware, development tools, BI services, and more.

Power BI

Cloud-based BI software that allows analysts, business and IT specialists get insights from different data sources by connecting to enterprise data. Power BI offers eatures for performing advanced analytics on data from Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming and big data, and creating interactive reports (including mobile-friendly).


Software as a service, SaaS for short, is a cloud computing software distribution model through which end users can access and use an application remotely via Internet browsers. An SaaS vendor houses and maintains the hardware that runs the app.


A SaaS platform with CI/CD and DevOps automation capabilities. Shippable provides Docker support and all essential features for developing, testing, and deploying applications from anywhere. It also allows integrations with popular DevOps tools and repositories (e.g., Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab).

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