A set of components for near real-time, pixel-accurate image and video processing in Mac OS X, allows to apply filters to images, use such effects as modifying the vibrance, hue, exposure, etc


A set of classes with permission, access and ability to manipulate the user’s calendar and reminder data. Monitor changes to the user’s Calendar database, and help users create new events.


A mobile platform for building applications with modular kits for mix and match to build the apps. It is integrated into development environment, what makes adding new services easier.


An automation tool used to automate beta deployments and releases for iOS and Android apps, it handles tedious tasks (generating screenshots, code signing, releasing your application).


A mobile analytics platform enables users to analyze consumer behavior through data observations. It provides features for user segmentation, consumer funnels, and app portfolio analysis.


Grand Central Dispatch is a technology developed by Apple to optimize application support for concurrent code execution on multicore systems. It allows to define tasks in an application that can run in parallel, and launches them in the presence of free computing resources.


A service that allows developers to recruit and manage testers, distribute apps, and collect crash reports, among other things. The cross-platform tool works with Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices, making it possible to deliver the same user experience no matter the user’s OS.

In APP purchase

A simple and convenient mechanism for organizing sales of your applications or additional features directly from your application. In-App Purchases is easy to build in and opens up a new sales channel for you.


A really useful API available on iOS devices that makes it easy to display maps, plot locations, and even draw routes and other shapes on top. Use the MapKit framework to embed maps directly into your own windows and views.

Memory Graph Debugger

A memory analysis tool which helps find and fix retain cycles and leaked memory. When activated, it pauses app execution, and displays objects currently on the heap, along with their relationships and what references are keeping them alive.


An iOS framework that provides special type of view controllers, User interfaces for email / SMS, used for delivering messages and mail which doesn’t require leaving actual application.


A low-level, low-overhead hardware-accelerated 3D graphic and compute shader API. Metal combines functionality similar to OpenGL and OpenCL under one API. Can be implemented using Swift or Objective-C programming languages.

Moya framework

A functional networking library, built on top of Alamofire, that applies the best of Swift's language and compiler features to your network requests. Its key insight is tying URL request-building logic to an enumerated type.


An abstract class that offers a thread-safe structure for modeling state, priority, dependencies, and management. Concrete subclasses are: NSBlock​Operation, NSInvocation​Operation.


A compiled object-oriented programming language used by Apple, built on the C language and the Smalltalk paradigms. In particular, the object model is built in the style of Smalltalk - that is, objects are sent messages.

Property Lists

A structured data representation used by Cocoa as a convenient way to store, organize, and access standard types of data, it's used extensively by applications and other software on OS X and iOS.


A cloud communication backend that simplifies mobile application development, allows to add Push Notifications, Chat, Messaging etc into mobile and web apps.

Reactive code

Programming with asynchronous data streams.


An Objective-C framework for linking and converting sequences of values and Functional Reactive Programming. Allows to write code in a declarative manner rather than imperative.


An object database management system, initially for mobile (Android/iOS), also available for platforms such as Xamarin or React Native, and others, including desktop applications (Windows), and is licensed under the Apache License.


A framework for interacting with the Swift reactive programming language. The somewhat difficult-to-handle asynchronous code in Swift becomes much easier and a lot spaner to write with RxSwift.

Stack Views

A powerful tool for quickly and easy designing your user interfaces. It lets you leverage the power of Auto Layout, creating user interfaces that can dynamically adapt to the device’s orientation, screen size, and any changes in the available space.


An iOS framework designed to handle everything about In-App Purchases. It allows an application to request payment from a user for additional content, music or functionality.


A visual tool of the appearance and flow of iOS application. It helps us create all the screens of an application and interconnect the screens under one interface MainStoryboard.storyboard. It also helps in reducing the coding of pushing/presenting view controllers.


The newest programming language from Apple for developing iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS apps. It builds on the best of C and Objective-C, offers better type safety, security, and performance.

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