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A measure of computer data storage capacity that is equal to 1,048,576 bytes.

Agency Model OTA

OTA stands for Online Travel Agent. OTA consists of two models - Merchant and Agency. Agency model is commision base and gives a hotel owner an opportunity to decide the final selling price to the customer, which gives more control to the owner.​ It also doesn’t require big investments.


Stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It is a symmetric, or secret-key, cipher used in hardware and software to protect classified information and encrypt sensitive data. The AES encryption uses a number of transformations that shift and mix the data in a table.


Stands for Automatic identification and data capture, also referred to as Automatic Identification (Auto-ID). It is a collection of methods for identifying objects and collecting data that describes them. They are used in data encoders and decoders, as well as in scanners. Technologies such as biometrics, bar codes, optical character recognition, voice recognition and radio frequency recognition are also considered as part of AIDC.


A course of action, sequence of actions needed to accomplish a task (e.g., solve problem). There are different types of algorithms that can be used in different areas of life. In computer science, they are basis for all applications, ruling over how a program responds to certain actions or events.


Stands for Application lifecycle management. It is an umbrella term for all stages of software development, from start to finish. It includes design, development, testing or quality assurance, project and requirements management, as well as customer experience and service delivery.


Stands for Any Other Business - topics that are not on the meeting agenda, but are up for discussion after the official part. AOB can cause problems, since some of the unplanned questions can take up more time than each member can spare.

App Publisher (Mobile)

Organizes and streamlines the handling of application development lifecycle, making the handling of app availability much easier and more consistent. The apps are usually monetized by adding advertisement in the interface or via paid features.

App Store

An online store for distributing mobile and desktop apps, where customers can purchase and download various software applications, intended for mobile devices. Users can also update the free or purchased apps through the app store.

App Store Optimisation

ASO for short. The process of affecting an app’s visibility in an app store search. It aims to make the app rank higher among search hits. It is an important process, seeing as over 60% of apps are discovered this way. The process is similar to SEO for websites.


A web GIS platform for working with maps and geographic information. It enables you to analyze, share, use, manage mapped information, to apply location-based analysis to your business practices etc.


A cloud-based B2B marketplace that provides easy communication between buyers and suppliers. It improves and facilitates the procurement process. The platform works akin to Amazon or eBay, the difference is in the types of offers that can be found there and additional features that is offers.

Artificial Intelligence

A field of study which determines ways of engineering a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, similarly to how humans are capable to think. It includes includes many disciplines, including those that study how human brain works, our learning, decision capabilities and behavior while trying to solve a problem.

Artificial Neural Networks

In machine learning and data mining, ANNs are computer systems that resemble the neural networks that constitute a biological brain. They are designed to learn tasks based on examples. For example, they can learn to identify certain types of images based on analyzing pre-labeled examples that define images as "this is a ..." and "this is not a ...".


Stands for Apache Software Foundation. It is a software organization that provides support to open source projects. It is funded via sponsorships and donations. ASF also provide legal protection to volunteers who contribute to Apache projects. ASF membership is granted to active contributors.


Or the 'server-side' of website development. Basically it is the programming that users don’t see in the browser, but what also powers the website. Back-end facilitates communication between the browser and server, provides smooth functionality akin to a desktop application.


Stands for Business Intelligence. A set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information that could be easily interpreted for business analysis purposes, etc.


A form of cryptocurrency created and held electronically. Bitcoin is not physical, it is made digitally and there can be no more the 21 million bitcoins in the world. On the other hand, bitcoin can be divided into smaller entities, up to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.


A distributed ledger, mostly known for Bitcoin, the first technology it enabled. Blockchain became attractive for its unmatched level of security. Its most widespread implications are digital currencies and payment systems, online privacy, smart contracts, smart property, decentralised name registration, and more.

Boilerplate code

Boilerplate refers to a section of software or HTML code that can be reused in different parts of the program with little to no alteration. This code can be extended to different applications. Popular examples are template programs and mathematical operations.


A general term for any failure or defect in the software code or in hardware. There are tools that facilitates finding and dealing with bugs. A bug shouldn’t be confused with an error, which is the resulting message about a problem from an existing bug in the code.

Build Automation

The process of automating the software build development. It facilitates compilation of the source code into binary code, test and deployment automation. It helps to reduce the time on several stages of software development, as well as improve its quality.


A set of instructions that can be executed by a software interpreter. The compiled programming code runs on a virtual machine, rather than on a specific computer. In Java, for example, it is used to allow Java code to be run in numerous environments once it is compiled using the JVM.


A type of technology where computer systems are used in creating, optimizing, modifying and analysing a design. Designers and architects use CAD software to simplify and improve their work, as well as improve productivity. CAD software can be used in 2D and 3D space.


It describes the use of software in the manufacturing process. CAM software is used to create parts related to industries like vehicle powertrain systems or orthopedic implants. CAM can also refer to the use of software in managing all processes on a plant.

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