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Web Design


A part of the data packet that contains transparent information about the file or transmission unit, for instance it can give information about an image's size, resolution, number of colors etc. 

Heuristic evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a usability engineering method for finding usability problems in a user interface design, thereby making them addressable and solvable as part of an iterative design process.


An editing tool for raster and vector graphics. It supports approximately 200 formats and can be utilized from the command line. It offers features for creating GIF animation, converting images to gibberish and back, creating gradual blend of colors, pixel distortion, creating special effects and many others.


An application that enables you to create all sorts of documents, from posters to complete ebooks. It supports XML and other coding markup.

Information Design

Information design is the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters an efficient and effective understanding of the information.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.


A design collaboration platform that provides prototype, review, refine, manage and user test web/mobile products, allows to create interactive mockups for designs quickly and easily. 


A prototyping tool that allows to create interactive and life-like simulations for web and mobile apps, offers capabilities like drag and drop placement, re-sizing, formatting and export/import of widgets etc. 

Material Design

A design language developed by Google, used for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices, it depth effects such as lighting, shadows.


A sketch that represents the way the site will look.


A drawing app that turns your vector illustrations into Objective-C, Swift or C# code.

Paper prototyping

Paper prototyping is a widely used method in the user-centered design process, a process that helps developers to create software that meets the user's expectations and needs—in this case, especially for designing and testing user interfaces.


The smallest element of a digital image that can be displayed on device, it is the basic logical unit in digital graphics, the higher the number of pixels - the higher the quality of image. It is short for "Picture Element"


A prototyping tool that allows designers to create complex experiences for mobile/desktop apps in a short period of time. Uses screens imported from Sketch or Photoshop. Mainly focuses on mobile projects. 


An application prototyping platform, which allows users to prototype apps for anything with a screen interface, including Smart TV’s, digital camera interfaces, cars etc. It utilizes a drag and drop user interface (UI), does not require coding.

Responsive Web Design

Approach for optimal viewing and interaction across a wide range of devices (from monitor to mobile/tablets).


The sequence of instructions how a multimedia of files will be presented (the sequence of images and sounds, their timing, possible results of user interaction), enables browsers to do more than just displaying text. 

Semantic UI

A user interface component framework built around common usage, it creates a language for sharing UI for designers and developers.


A vector design tool entirely focused on UI design.


Stands fot Scalable Vector Graphics. An XML-based vector image format for 2D graphics with support for interactivity and animation. It was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


A visual feedback tracking for web design and development, it automatically records a snapshot and the technical details, the feedback can be managed on the spot in the website or sent to project management platforms.


Short for 'User Interface'. Everything designed into an information device with which a customer/user may interact.

UI Development

User Interface Development is the development of websites, web applications, mobile applications and software development. User Interface plays a key role in the software development life cycle

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a way to see how easy to use something is by testing it with real users.

User-Centered Design

UCD is an iterative design process in which designers focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.

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