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Adobe Photoshop

The most powerful graphics editor to date. The possibilities of this program cover the whole spectrum of various operations related to graphics, namely: photo processing, creating your own drawings, creating posters, collages, covers for different products, creating postcards and much more.

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First released 1988
Developed by Adobe Systems
Open-source No
Used by Apple, Microsoft, Razorfish

Interesting facts

Back in the year 1987 Thomas Knoll wrote a program which would enable his Apple Mac Plus which had a 1 bit black and white display to show gray scale images using a process called dithering. He named his program Display and soon it had the attention of his brother John Knoll an ILM employee and he suggested him to turn it into a full-fledged digital image editing software. And thus Thomas took a 6 month break from his PhD study and came up with the first and very rudimentary version of what today we call Photoshop.

Development by Synergize.digital

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