An open source asynchronous task queue system based on distributing work across threads or mechanisms. Most parts of Celery can be used on their own, and it can process millions of tasks per minute. It also supports scheduling, along with real-time processing.


A free storage platform. Ceph offers high performance and large data storage via POSIX-compliant network file system (CephFS). It also offers object- and block-level storage.  Additionally, Ceph employs four types of daemons: Object storage devices, cluster monitors, metadata services and RESTful gateways.


Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. It automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task. This makes it ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard.

CI tools

Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, Bamboo, Codeship, CircleCI, Hudson.


CI/CD or CICD generally refers to the combined practices of continuous integration and either continuous delivery or continuous deployment.


A continuous integration and delivery platform that automates the software development process. CircleCI supports any language that runs on Linux


Stands for Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System. A system for enhancing network security, that comes in physical and virtual forms. It allows you to see network's contextual data to spot vulnerabilities, integrate with existing network and keep security updated with new signatures and rules.


A software configuration management tool for all types of files and directories. It records all actions, allows to retrieve code modules or other artifacts that make up a deliverable software product. All data can be accessed at virtually any time.


A change management tool that allows to track and manage every type of activity software development associated with change (e.g., document modifications). It provide process automation, traceability of the project lifecycle, as well as querying, reporting and charting support .


A free IDE that sustains multiple compilers, but oriented towards C, C++ and Fortran. It offers all features a developer might need. The software is built in a plugin framework, so any developer can customize it to their needs. Some functions, like compiling and debugging, are already.


CI tool that supports GitHubGitlab and Bitbucket projects. It is present in Basic and Pro versions, which differ in price and have own variations. The major functions are deployment and control of the design of CI and CD systems.


A special computer program that transfigures source code written in a programming language into another computer language.

Continuous Delivery

n approach of producing software in short cycles, ensuring that the code rapidly and safely deployed, software released reliably at any time. It helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes. The main requirement for deployment process is straightforwardness and repetition.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

A practice of updating а server with automated schedule, where every change goes through the entire pipeline. These updates include code revision, auto/unit test running. It requires automated deployment and Application Release pipeline.

Continuous Integration (CI)

A practice that requires developers to integrate their code into a repository more than once a day, and makes it easier to intercept bugs on early stages.


A CMS from Adobe Systems, an environment for creating new websites and managing existing content and the website’s digital assets. The platform also allows the company to keep in touch with the customers, using different devices, via browsers and apps.


Stands for Command and Query Responsibility Segregation, a software pattern for interacting with an information system. It can use a different model to update information than the model used to read it. It is well suited to a design by contract methodology.


A web-based application aimed for collaborative code review. It allows to discuss the code among the developers, share thoughts and knowledge, and identify problem areas. It also offers review status to make sure nobody is holding up the process.


A continuous integration tool. It includes source control tools, provides view of current and previous build details, allows to perform CI of any software development process. It is Java-based, but works for a variety of projects.

Crystal Reports

A business intelligence application that allows to create dynamic reports in up to 28 languages, different formats, and using different data sources. You can customize reports depending on your needs, view them in browser and deploy them on a schedule.


A library and command-line tool. It was created to be used in scripts or command line for transferring data in various electronic devices (e.g., cars, printers, mobile devices). It supports different protocols, including FTP, HTTP, Gopher, LDAP, IMAP and many others.


Stands for Concurrent Versions System. A program that allows code developers to save and retrieve different development versions of the source code. It also helps a team of developers share control of different file versions in a common repository of files.


A type of tool used for testing and debugging computer programs. Debugging is used to find defects within a program (bugs) and resolving issue they are causing. With debugging tools you can execute the program to a certain point or one line at a time, depending on how you want to examine it.

django CMS

A lightweight CMS platform that can be used by web developers and content editors alike. It facilitates front-end editing, development of multilingual websites and the use of various text editing features. The platform can be integrated into existing projects, and it can also be used on touch-screen devices since version 3.2.


A type of software that transforms binary machine code into an assembly language. It is a reverse-engineering tool that transforms the code into a human-readable one. It can be stand alone or interactive, in which case the software shows effects that the changes may have.

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