A free IDE that sustains multiple compilers, but oriented towards C, C++ and Fortran IDE.


A CI that supports GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket projects. It is present in Basic and Pro versions. The major functions are deployment and control of the design of CI and CD systems, etc.


A special computer program that transfigures source code written in a programming language into another computer language.


A team collaboration software, developed by Atlassian, kind of a content management system that used by software teams to assemble ideas, discuss the work, exchange documents, plans, wikis, team workspaces, workflows etc. It integrates well with Jira.

Continuous Delivery

An approach of producing software in short cycles, ensuring that the code rapidly and safely deployed, software released reliably at any time, helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes.


Continuous Deployment (CD)

Updating а server with automated schedule. These updates include code revision, auto/unit test running.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Merging all developer working copies with a shared mainline several times a day.


A CMS from Adobe Systems, an environment for managing web pages, deploying new templates and web site designs. 


Stands for Command and Query Responsibility Segregation, a software pattern for interacting with an information system, it can use a different model to update information than the model used to read it, it is well suited to a design by contract methodology.


A web-based application aimed for collaborative code review. 


A continuous integration tool mainly for C#, used at continuous build process, it includes source control tools, provides view current and previous builds details, allows to perform a CI of any software development process.

Crystal Reports

A business intelligence application, currently marketed to small businesses. It is used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.


A library and command-line tool created for transferring data with various URLs. 


Stands for Concurrent Versions System, a program that allows code developer to save and retrieve different development versions of source code. It also helps a team of developers share control of different versions of files in a common repository of files.


A computer program that is used to test and debug other programs (the "target" program). Generally, it offers a query processor, a symbol resolver, an expression interpreter, and a debug support interface at its top level.


A computer program that translates machine language into assembly language—the opposite operation to that of an assembler. 


An application monitoring tool that helps developers, testers  to ensure that applications work fast and reliable, provides an exceptional user experiences.


Free IDE primarily used for creating various cross platform Java apps. Through plugins, it also allows to develop apps in other programming languages, including C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, to name but a few.

Elastic Beanstalk

An orchestration service developed by Amazon Web Services that is used for deploying infrastructure which orchestrates various AWS services.

Elastic Search

A tool for real-time searching, that helps to find a database of products by description and similar text in a body of crawled web pages. 


Stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana. Is a Docker image that enables you with centralised log server and log management web interface to analyze any data set with the help of its compounds. 

Enterprise Architect

A tool for visual modeling and design that enables you to design and construct software systems, model business processes and industry based domains. 


A global software company and platform used for digital content, e-commerce, it offers web content management, CMS, digital marketing, has digital experience cloud platform.


A a kind of business intelligence software, a cloud-based self-service platform used for interactive data visualization, hoc reporting, analysis, customizable dashboards, data management, etc.


An IDE used for building Adobe Flash projects such as websites, web applications, desktop applications, etc.

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