Quality Assurance (QA)


A headless (without GUI) browser used for automating web page interaction, providing JavaScript API it enables automated navigation, screenshots, etc, it used to run browser-based unit tests in a headless system. 


A unit testing framework for the PHP that aims to find mistakes in newly committed code quickly asserting that no code regression is in other parts of the code base. 


An end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications.


A Python testing framework used to crete small tests, it makes simple tests very easy to write, it has advanced features (and tons of plugins) that help with more advanced testing scenarios.


A set of activities for identifying and correcting defects and mistakes in the developed, but not released product.


Stands for QuickTest Professional, a functional testing tool that performs automated regression testing in order to identify gaps, errors/defects.


A library for software testing of program properties. 


Allows to automate web application testing (among other things) and both record user interactions and play them back to execute the tests.

Regression testing

A type of software testing that verifies that existing software applications still performs correctly after it was changed.


A library, allowing to run tests for Android apps on the local JVM.

Security testing

A type of software testing used to analyze how code interacts with other objects in an environment, identify its weaknesses, check if the application is vulnerable to attacks.


An automated software-testing framework for web applications across different browsers and platforms, also it provides a test domain-specific language to write tests in popular programming languages.


An HTTP load testing tool designed to help web developers measure the performance of their code under stress, provides more real simulation of client usage of the system.


A standalone unit testing library for JavaScript. It supports spies, stubs, and mocks. The library works with any unit testing framework and has cross browser support.


An open source, cross-platform API testing tool that allows to execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests on both SOAP and REST web services. 


A software testing tool that provides the features (including tests, bugs and issues), performance and speed to make the software testing life cycle more productive and efficient. 


A testing and specification framework for Java apps writing in Groovy, it runs on the Java Virtual Machine and provides test code written in any of the languages the JVM supports. 

Stress testing

A type of non-functional testing used to monitor the system after overload and ensure that it can sustain the stress, determinesthe ability to maintain a certain level of effectiveness under unfavorable conditions.


Used during the test phase of the build lifecycle to execute the unit tests of an application. Basically, it generates reports in two different file formats: Plain text files (*.txt) and XML files (*.xml).

Telerik Test Studio

All in one testing software for functional, load, performance & mobile app testing.


A web-based test management system used for software quality assurance, it synchronizes both requirements specification and test specification together, provides test project and document test cases. 


A testing framework for Java developed to cover all categories of tests with easier functionalities: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc.


Stands for User Acceptance Testing, a testing of software is tested in the real-world scenarios by the intended audience, it is the last phase of the software testing process.

UFT (Unified Functional Testing)

A single solution for testing GUIs, APIs and multi-layer apps. HP UFT software automates testing through an intuitive, visual user experience that ties manual, automated, and framework-based testing together in one integrated development environment.

Unit testing

A level of software testing where the smallest testable parts of software, called units, are tested to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed.

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