Quality Assurance (QA)


An open-source performance test tool based on Scala, designed to be used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications.


A software testing tool from Hewlett Packard used to test applications/system behaviour under load and analyze the performance of key components of the app.

HP Performance Center

A cloud based solution for performance test, used to execute and monitor multiple tests or schedule them to start unattended.


An IBM Rational Performance Tester, software testing tool for automated performance testing of IBM Rational Software, its web-based apps, allows measuring the response times of the system under load.


A network testing and optimizing tool used for network performance measurement written in C, has both a client and server functionality. 


An open source load testing tool used for analyzing and measuring the performance of web services, also it covers categories of tests like functional, regression, etc. It is Written in Java.


An automated Java software testing and static analysis product.

Load testing

A type of performance testing used to determine a system's behavior under load conditions, allows subjecting a network or application to a work level approaching the limits of its specifications.


A load testing tool that provides complex load tests and allows to test the performance by dragging the different components, it focuses on flexibility and usability through its visual interface.


An open source Java-based testing framework used for effective unit testing of Java applications, allows the creation of test double objects (mock objects) in automated unit tests for TDD or BDD.

Monkey testing

A software testing technique where the user tests the application by providing random inputs and checking the behavior


A load and performance testing tool that makes web testing more quickly, efficiently, and frequently, helps to optimize performance of the applications.


An automated testing and continous integration framework based on Node.js and Selenium webdriver, aimed at facilitating web browser automation, allows to write scenarios automatically played by a browser.

Penetration testing

A test of a computer system, web application or network for finding security weaknesses.

Performance Testing

A type of testing that implements process of determining the effectiveness of a software, used to determine as scalability, reliability of the system. 


A unit testing framework for the PHP that aims to find mistakes in newly committed code quickly asserting that no code regression is in other parts of the code base. 


An end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications.


A Python testing framework used to crete small tests, it makes simple tests very easy to write, it has advanced features (and tons of plugins) that help with more advanced testing scenarios.


A set of activities for identifying and correcting defects and mistakes in the developed, but not released product.


Stands for QuickTest Professional, a functional testing tool that performs automated regression testing in order to identify gaps, errors/defects.


Allows to automate web application testing (among other things) and both record user interactions and play them back to execute the tests.

Regression testing

A type of software testing that verifies that existing software applications still performs correctly after it was changed.


A library, allowing to run tests for Android apps on the local JVM.

Security testing

A type of software testing used to analyze how code interacts with other objects in an environment, identify its weaknesses, check if the application is vulnerable to attacks.


An automated software-testing framework for web applications across different browsers and platforms, also it provides a test domain-specific language to write tests in popular programming languages.

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