Quality Assurance (QA)


A Java-based mocking framework used for unit testing of Java applications, allows to mock interfaces, to test the functionality of a class in isolation. EasyMock, along with other frameworks for creating test replicas, automates and simplifies the process of creating test implementations of interfaces.

Endurance Testing

A type of software testing used to analyze the behavior of the system under sustained use and with a load extended over a significant period of time. During this tests, the load may vary based on the model that is executed.


A JS testing tool for React that enables you to assert and manipulate the output of your React Components. Enzyme is unopinionated regarding which test runner or assertion library you use, and should be compatible with all major test runners and assertion libraries out there.


A tool for collaborative software development. FitNesse allows clients, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do, and automatically compare it with what the software actually does.

Functional testing

A type of software testing in order to verify the feasibility of functional requirements, that is, the ability of software in certain conditions to solve the tasks necessary for users. Using functional testing determine the correct operation of the software.

Galen Framework

A framework based on Selenium and written in Java, which allows you to test the layout of a site both for testing adaptive design for various sizes, and for testing the support of different browsers. It has its own syntax and therefore requires some resources to create tests.


A framework for carrying out load testing. It is based on three technologies: Scala, Akka and Netty. It contains a socket load software interface and can withstand up to 5000 open connections without fail.

HP Performance Center

A tool for monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the use of resources using a single interface. This solution provides the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of resource utilization and application performance trends, physical and virtual systems and services.


IBM Rational Performance Tester is a productivity benchmarking tool that simulates different levels of user load, thereby enabling you to bring test conditions closer to real. This tool uses the current loads to predictively assess the possible future loads.

Integration testing

A phase in software testing where individual units are combined and tested as a group. It exposes faults in the interaction between integrated units. Occurs after unit testing and before validation testing.


A client-server program ("generator" of TCP / UDP traffic), is designed to test the bandwidth of an Internet channel between two computers. It is particularly useful when experiencing network speed issues, as you can use iPerf to determine which server is unable to reach maximum throughput.


A BDD framework for JavaScript testing (for browsers and Node.js), aims to run on any JavaScript, Python or Ruby-enabled platform, have easy-to-read syntax. Jasmine borrowed many features from RSpec.

JavaScript testing tools

Mocha, ChaiJasmine, Jest, Karma, Cucumber, Ava, Sinon, Enzyme, Testdouble, Istanbul, Protractor, Nightwatch, Phantom, Casper, Blue-Ridge, SugarTest, FireUnit, JSLint, QUnit, JSpec, JSLitmus, Selenium, Watir, Sahi


BDD framework that helps automate acceptance tests and supports the development process in BDD style. In this framework, business requirements and their acceptance criteria are described in the form of so-called user stories.


A JavaScript unit testing framework provided and used by Facebook. It allows to test all JavaScript code including React applications. Sits on top of Jasmine, so the API is nearly identical.


A load testing tool used for analyzing and measuring the performance of web services, also it covers categories of tests like functional, regression, etc. Currently it is capable of performing load tests for JDBC connections, FTP, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, POP3, IMAP, HTTP and TCP.


An automated Java software testing and static analysis product. It includes technology for Data-flow analysis Unit test-case generation and execution, static analysis, regression testing, runtime error detection, code review, and design by contract.

Kali Linux

One of the most popular Linux distributions in the community of computer security experts and hackers. The main reason for this is its ability to test for unauthorized access and the provision of hacker software.


A testing tool for JavaScript that runs on Node.js, allows to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers, it is highly configurable, integrates with popular CI packages. The main goal for Karma is to bring a productive testing environment to developers.

Load testing

A type of performance testing used to determine a system's behavior under load conditions, allows subjecting a network or application to a work level approaching the limits of its specifications.


A utility for automated load testing. The program can perform testing of various applications, as well as sites of different levels of complexity. When testing, emulates the parallel operation of a large number of virtual users who perform various actions on different scenarios.


A load testing tool that provides complex load tests and allows to test the performance by dragging the different components, it focuses on flexibility and usability through its visual interface.

Microsoft Test Manager

An extension introduced along with Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010. It is used to create and organize test plans and test cases, and execute manual tests. 


A JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser. Runs tests serially, mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases. It creates an environment in which we can use our favorite assert libraries.


An open source Java-based testing framework used for effective unit testing of Java applications, allows the creation of test double objects (mock objects) in automated unit tests for TDD or BDD.

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