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Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (formerly known as QTP / HP Quick Test Professional) is one of the leading tools for automating functional testing, is the flagship product of HP in its lineup. To develop automated tests, QTP uses the VBScript language.

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First released 2006
Developed by Hewlett Packard
Latest stable version QTP 15
Open-source No
Used by Microsoft, SAP, VMware

Interesting facts

QTP allows you to monitor the generated script text while recording user actions, which reduces the time required to develop the test. In QTP, information about all objects of the screen interface is stored in a special repository (Object Repository), which may seem opaque to the new user. Defaults for selecting the essential properties of each type of screen interface objects can be configured separately, for example, a window can be defined by a header, and a table column by width and a sequence number in a table.

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