A general purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language, exсept creating Web apps and dynamic Web content, also used for scientific computing, big data, computer graphics, system automation, scripting etc. Has simple easy-to-use syntax, available for many operating systems. Was created in the late 1980s.

Python frameworks

Django, Flask, Pyramid, Pylons, SQLAlchemy, web2py, Kivy, Tornado.


A collection of opensource projects for developing, debugging and launching Python software that will allow to run a code, once written with Python, on several platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, iOS & web).


A Web Server Gateway Interface web-framework for Python that is fast, simple and lightweight, and is distributed as a one file module without dependencies other than the Python Standard Library. 


A Python object-oriented HTTP framework, designed for rapid development of web applications by wrapping the HTTP protocol.


A reference implementation of the Python. It was written in C and is an interpreter that has function interface with some other languages including C. 


A parallel computing library used for analytics. 


An open-source web framework, written in Python, help to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites, used for rapid development. 


An open-source Python modular system used for processing documentation into useful formats, it supports plaintext markup syntax.


A cross-platform web framework written in Python, it is built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy, it can be used for building complex, database-driven websites, starting with static pages.

Jupyter (IPython)

A set of tools for scientific computing, which combines code execution with the creation of the document in real time. These files may contain custom text, mathematical formulas, graphics, video and any other things that a modern web browser can display.


An open source Python library for developing multitouch applications with a natural user interface, used for building mobile apps. 


A Python plotting library that provides quick way to visualize data from Python and publication-quality figures in many formats


A Python library, used as a general-purpose array-processing package to manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays and matrices. 


A Python software library used for data manipulation and analysis, it provides fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with relational data both easy and intuitive.


An open source machine-learning library for Python, provides flexible, easy-to-use powerful algorithms for machine learning tasks, it supports optimisation techniques, neural networks, reinforcement learning, etc. 


A cross-platform IDE that is used as code analyser, an integrated unit tester, a graphical debugger, etc. It also offers cross-technology development and support for modern web development frameworks.


A set of Python wrappers for the GTK+ graphical user interface library. It allows you to write full featured GTK programs in Python.


An open source Python framework for building web application and sites, it comes with project templates that help boot-strap a new web app project, 


A pure-Python class library that makes it easy to build recursive-descent parsers quickly.


A lightweight Python web framework, used for flexibile and rapid web development, allows to write complex software taking less effort.


Dropbox-sponsored initiative to create a high-performance, JIT-compiling Python runtime. The goal of the project is to produce a high-performance Python implementation.


A packet manipulation program that not only handle classical tasks like scanning, probing, tracerouting, unit tests, attacks, and network discovery, but also a lot of other tasks like sending invalid frames, combining technics etc.


A software machine learning library for the Python language. It includes classification, regression, clustering, model selection, dimensionality reduction and preprocessing of objects. 


A Python visualization library that provides an interface for drawing statistical graphics.

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