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A simple application framework for the Go language. Beego offers automated testing and code hot compiling, and can be used for building RESTful applications. It has a native HTTP package for high performance and different modules for simplifying work with the software.


A framework for rapid web development in Go. Buffalo offers many features for easy coding, writing templates and database integration, including hot code reload, a testing framework and a web application toolbox. It also uses a Gorilla toolkit for routing.


A high-performance Go language framework. Echo is scalable and can be extended with additional features. It has built-in middleware, an API for data binding and rendering for different HTTP requests and responses, and a templating engine. It is also possible to install TLS certificates automatically.


It is a web framework for Golang, written in the same language. It is fast, with minimal memory footprint, and can be extended with middleware. It also provides a convenient way of capturing error during HTTP requests and recovering requests in case of crashes, as well as JSON validation.


A statically typed programming language designed for fast compiling and efficient garbage-collection. It is multithreaded, with strict typing, high-level. There is support for the definitions of functions and procedures, as well as the relationships between them.

Go kit

An open-source toolkit for building microservices in the Go programming language. Go kit provides a set of abstractions and libraries for common tasks in microservices development, promoting best practices and modular design.


An ergonomic IDE for the Go language. GoLand can analyze the code for automatic code completion and quick problematic code fixes. It also includes tools for debugging, testing and version control, as well as front-end development and database management.


It is a web toolkit for Go, that can be used with any framework that supports the language. Gorilla consists of different packages for converting values, implementing WebSocket protocol, encoding and decoding cookie values, producing regular expressions, storing request variables and more.


A cross-platform web framework for Golang. Iris is fast, simple to use and can work with an MVC model. It has all the necessary features for building service-oriented applications, as well as public HTTP APIs, websites, single page websites, and microservices.


A Golang high-performance and full-stack web framework. Revel offers a comprehensive set of features, such as a code compiler, testing framework, templating, validation and parsing, among others. The framework comes with middleware filters, but can also be customized.

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