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A platform for building high-performing web apps and global software company that provides interface development tools, testing tools, UI and UX services. 

Isomorphic apps

JavaScript apps that can run both client-side and server-side. The backend and frontend share the same code.


A client-side scripting language primarily used to make web pages interactive. In other words, it's responsible for the 'behavior' of a website, i.e. how HTML elements and CSS style animate and move around on the page.

JavaScript frameworks

Angular, React, Ember.js, extJS, Backbone, Knockout.js, D3.js, Sencha​, Mercury.js, ​WebRx, Vue.js​.


A user interface toolkit that provides classes and frameworks for common standard widget toolkit use cases, simplifies the mapping of a data model to a visual representation, provides helper classes to manage system resources (colors, images, fonts, etc).


A fast, lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML

jQuery UI

A set of user interface interactions, widgets, and themes based on the jQuery JavaScript Library. It is used for building web applications, managing form controls, etc.


Stands for JavaScript Object Notation, a data-interchange format for storing and exchanging data in an organized, easy-to-access manner, especially useful for JavaScript-based apps.


A statically-typed, object-oriented programming language designed to run on modern web browsers. JSX helps write concise HTML/XML-like structures (e.g., DOM-like tree structures) in the same file as you write JavaScript code.


A JavaScript and HTML5 framework for building web applications, it provides UI widgets, powerful data source, fast templates, simple validation, data visualization, Mobile UI widgets, etc.


A free and open-source library written in JavaScript that is based on MVVM pattern that helps developers in building websites. This lightweight source works with any web framework


A client-side JavaScript library for building mobile-friendly interactive maps; works across all major desktop and mobile platforms.


A dynamic style sheet language, a CSS pre-processor that helps in making code modular and reusable. Runs on both the client-side and the server-side with Node.js. 


An application library for Backbone.js which purpose is to make the building of JavaScript applications easier.


A lightweight JavaScript layout framework for jQuery. Wraps AutoLayout with a nicer syntax. 


A lightweight, simple and potent modular front-end framework that provides a number of pre-built web modules and components that you can start implementing in your apps straight away.


A library solution for making state management scalable and simple. It enables to store and update the application state.


A JavaScript library which is designed to detect HTML5 and CSS3 features in various browsers. Provides a substantial amount of feature detection that allows for everything from graceful degradation to "cutting edge" feature enhancements.


Stands for Object-Oriented CSS. An object-based coding approach that was created to encourage code reuse and to make adding and maintaining of stylesheets easier. 


A vector graphics scripting framework that offers a clean DOM and many functionalities to design and work with bezier curves and vector graphics.


An open source JavaScript Web Graphics Library, used as HTML 5 2D rendering engine, has canvas fallback. Aims to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices.


An open-source JavaScript library for building apps via web components; developed by Google and used by a number of Google services, e.g. YouTube Gaming, Google I/O websites, Google Play Music. 


A tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript plugins. It provides a CSS parser and a framework for creating plugins that can analyse, lint, handle assets, optimise, create fallbacks, and otherwise transform parsed CSS.


A collection of UI components for Angular; a project within PrimeFaces


JavaScript framework that makes the development of dynamic web applications quicker and easier.

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