C# (.NET)


A type-safe object-oriented language from Microsoft that enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust apps that run on the .NET Framework; a hybrid of C and C++.


A software development framework from Microsoft. Provides a controlled programming environment where software can be developed, installed and executed on Windows-based operating systems. 

Accord.NET Framework

Provides machine learning, mathematics, statistics, computer vision, computer audition, and several scientific computing related methods and techniques to .NET.


A data access technology in .NET framework that provides a bridge between the front end controls and the back end database, provides a set of components for creating distributed, data-sharing applications.


A web framework connected with HTML, CSS, JSASP.NET Web API (2), ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms (old school).


An open source, cross-platform framework for building modern cloud-based internet connected applications, such as web apps, IoT apps & mobile backends. 


A an open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft, combining the features of MVC architecture, Agile techniques and best parts of  ASP.NET platform it implements the model–view–controller pattern. 


An addictive Inversion of Control container for .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, .NET 4.5.1+, Universal Windows apps, and more.


A library created for transforming object-object mapping works and resolving a problem of getting rid of one mapped object to another. 

C# testing tools

nUnit, SpecFlow, MStest.

C# frameworks

.NET 1.0 - .NET 4.5.*

Chart FX

A data visualization tool for Microsoft's Visual Studio, it makes classes more recognizable and easier to code, adapts real-time, financial, statistical extensions, maps, etc. 


Stands for Common Language Runtime. A component of .NET framework that runs the code and makes the process of development easier.

Entity Framework

An open source ORM framework for ADO.NET, formerly a part of .NET Framework, it aims to increase the developer’s productivity by reducing the redundant task of persisting the data used in the applications.


A strongly-typed, functional-first programming language for writing simple code to solve complex problems, aimed to reduce the time-to-deployment for analytical software components in the modern enterprise.


An all-in-one ASP.NET content management system that fully integrates Web Content Management, E-commerce, Online Marketing, and Intranet on one platform.


Stands for Language Integrated Query, a Microsoft programming methodology that adds formal query capabilities into Microsoft .NET-based programming languages, it offers a compact, expressive, and intelligible syntax for manipulating data.


A tool that is used to output log statements to various output targets. It is a port of the Log4j framework to the .NET runtime. If a problem with an application appears, it will help to logging so that the problem can be found.


A free and open-source project based on the Ecma standard-compliant, .NET Framework-compatible set of tools including, among others, a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime.


A mocking library for C# / .NET that is applyed to in unit testing in order to isolate the class under test from its dependencies.


Stands for Microsoft Build Engine, the build platform for .NET and Visual Studio, helps to automate the creating a software product (compiling the source code, packaging, testing, deployment, etc).


A .NET testing tool that acts as a command-line utility, used to perfom unit tests created in Visual Studio.


A lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .NET and Mono. The main purpose of the framework is to stay out of the way as much as possible and provide a handy path to all interactions.

.Net Core

A general purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub that differs by being cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS & Linux, and can be used in device, cloud, and embedded/IoT scenarios.


An open source ORM for the .NET framework.

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