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Extensible Application Markup Language is Microsoft's variant of XML-based language for describing a GUI. Used for initializing structured values and objects.

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First released 2008
Developed by Microsoft
Latest stable version XAML v2019
Open-source No
Used by Microsoft, Amazon, Google

Interesting facts

Anything that is created or implemented in XAML can be expressed using a more traditional .NET language, such as C# or Visual Basic.NET. However, a key aspect of the technology is the reduced complexity needed for tools to process XAML, because it is based on XML. Consequently, a variety of products are emerging, particularly in the WPF space, which create XAML-based applications. As XAML is simply based on XML, developers and designers are able to share and edit content freely amongst themselves without requiring compilation. XAML also benefits from being a declarative definition of the UI rather than procedural code to generate it.


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