An overlay for the Android application lifecycle. It integrates with the Context’s getSystemService.


A Model-View-Presenter library for building android apps. 


An image Android library, created and maintained by Square, used for image downloading and processing, simplifies the process of displaying images from external locations. 


A test automation framework for testing native and hybrid Android applications, simplify writting robust automatic UI test cases, help to write function, system and acceptance test scenarios. 


A tool for reactive programming that adds the minimum classes to RxJava and, therefore, enables to create reactive components in Android apps easier. 


A Java implementation of ReactiveX. It presents Java API for nonsynchronous programming with observable streams.


A repackage version of Bouncy Castle (collection of APIs used in cryptography) intended for the Android platform; provides a full, up-to-date version of the Bouncy Castle cryptographic libs. 

Support Library

A set of code libraries, provides backward-compatible versions of Android framework APIs and features that are only available through the library APIs, have two library groups: compatibility and component libraries. 


A networking library, created for making networking for Android apps easier and faster, without writing tons of code. 

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