Roles in Software Development

Site Reliability Engineer

A person, who develops, maintains and operates the software. SRE has to understand and predict the emergent behavior of complex systems.

Software Architect

A person, who makes high-level design choices and prescribes technical standards. Software architect takes the responsibility for the product`s quality. 

Solution Architect

A person, who translates requirements created by functional analysts into the architecture and selects the most appropriate technology for the problem. 

System Administrator

Also called sysadmin, responsible for ensuring that organization's computer systems are well maintained and operate reliably, main tasks are: performing systems and security monitoring, maintain user accounts, developing relevant procedures, providing technical support related to systems etc. 

Team Leader

A person, who provides guidance and direction to a group of individuals (team) for goals achievement. Team Leader often works as a member of the team.

Technical Account Manager

A person, who looks after customer's technical needs and strengthens customer relationships.

UI Designer

A designer of user interfaces for devices, whose goal is to make user`s interaction as simple as possible.

UX Designer

A designer, whose goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure.

Web Developer

A type of computer programmer, who specializes in developing World Wide Web applications.

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