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An agile framework for managing complex (software) projects. A team works for a short period of time (a 'sprint' or 'iteration') and then demonstrates real stuff that matters to the end-product at the end of each sprint. Emphasizes team self-management and flexibility (change requests can be created and approved at any time during the project). 

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Developed by Hirotaka Takeuchi, Ikujiro Nonaka
Used by Amazon, Google, Facebook

Interesting facts

The approach was first described by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, in the article The New Product Development Game (Harvard Business Review, January-February 1986). They noted that the projects that small teams of specialists of different profiles work on are usually systematically producing the best results, and explained this as a "rugby approach". In 1991 DeGrees and Stahl in the book "Unholy problems, righteous decisions" referred to this approach, as on Scrum, the sports term given in the article of Takeuchi and Nonaka.


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