A Java application framework and inversion of control container mainly for JavaEE, aims to help structure whole apps in a consistent manner, create a coherent architecture.

Spring MVC

A framework, which provides MVC architecture and ready components can be used to develop web applications.

Spring Boot

A system for easy setup of new Spring applications and for getting things done faster. Helps to use the existing Spring functionalities with minimum efforts.


A free, open-source, MVC framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications. 


A lightweight widget toolkit for Java programs, provide the ability to create GUI components, provides several advanced components such as tabbed panel, scroll panes, trees, tables etc. 


A Java EE server, developed by the Apache Software Foundation, built on top of an Apache Tomcat base integrated with additional related technologies. 


An open source web server and servlet container developed by ASF. Provides a 'pure Java' HTTP web server environment for Java code to run in.


An application server: a platform for developing and deploying multitier distributed enterprise applications.


An open-source Java EE application server that provides an environment in which applications can run, it is written in Java and was originally authored by JBoss, runs on multiple platforms. Also knowm as a JBoss Application Server. 


A Java web UI framework for building single-page web applications.


Stands for Zebra Crossing, a Java library for decoding barcodes (the core/ and JavaSE modules), also contains applications for Android, Google Glass, a JavaEE web app, and a GoogleWebToolkit-based encoder application. 

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