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Domain Name System is a technology standard for managing names of public websites and other Internet domains. It is most often used to obtain an IP address by the domain name of the resource.

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First released 1985
Developed by Kevin Dunlap
Open-source Yes
Used by Google, Yahoo, Aliexpress

Interesting facts

The DNS organizes its name servers into a hierarchy to help optimize communication flow between the servers and also to make system maintenance easier. All hierarchical systems like the DNS create a top level (called the “root” level) from where lower levels can branch out. For technical reasons, today’s DNS supports 13 root name servers rather than just one. Each of these roots, interestingly, is named by a single letter – starting with ‘A’ and extending to the letter ‘M’. (Note that these systems belong to the root-servers.net Internet domain, making their fully-qualified names like "a.root-servers.net," for example.)

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