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Sequelize is a popular open-source Object-Relational Mapping library for Node.js. It simplifies database interactions by providing a way to work with relational databases using JavaScript and making it easier to manage and query database records.


StrongLoop is an open-source project that provides tools and services for building and deploying Node.js apps. It aimed to simplify and accelerate Node.js application development and offered various components, including LoopBack, a Node.js framework for building APIs and applications.


SWC is a JavaScript/TypeScript compiler written in Rust. It is designed to be a faster and smaller alternative to the popular TypeScript compiler (tsc). SWC stands for "Speedy Web Compiler" and is known for its efficiency and speed when transpiling JavaScript and TypeScript code. 


FeathersJS is a widely used micro-service and real-time framework for NodeJS. It is designed with features to simplify development of modern web applications and mobile apps. FeathersJS enables developers to control data through RESTful resources and sockets.


V8 is an open-source JavaScript engine. It is primarily used in the Google Chrome web browser and Node.js runtime to execute JavaScript code with high performance and efficiency.

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