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A Relational Database Management System used for large data warehousing applications, handling large volumes of data, it is highly scalable. This is a large database server that interacts with multiple clients via TCP / IP or through a connection to an IBM mainframe channel.


TerminusDB is an open-source graph database and version control system designed for managing complex data and knowledge. It allows users to store, version, and query data in a structured manner, similar to how developers use version control systems like Git for code.


TimescaleDB is an open-source, distributed time-series database optimized for handling large-scale time-series data. It is designed to store and analyze data with timestamps, making it particularly well-suited for applications that deal with time-series information, such as IoT telemetry, financial data, monitoring systems, and more.


A database development and management tool used for managing relational and non-relational databases using SQL. It supports Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise, DB2, MySQL.


A distributed data store that is designed as a key-value store used by LinkedIn for high-scalability storage. It is neither an object database, nor a relational database. It does not try to satisfy arbitrary relations and the ACID properties, but rather is a big, distributed, fault-tolerant, persistent hash table.


Xata is a serverless database built for modern development. Xata provides an intuitive and scalable relational database with a powerful real-time search engine, vector database, and ChatGPT integration built right in.

At present, the Xata service employs PostgreSQL as its data repository, Elasticsearch as the search and analytics engine, and Kafka for storing logical replication events. Additionally, it provides functionality for edge caching.


Vitess is a robust database solution designed to facilitate the deployment, scaling, and administration of expansive clusters of open-source database instances. It presently offers support for MySQL and Percona Server for MySQL. Its architecture is engineered to operate just as efficiently in both public and private cloud setups as it does on dedicated hardware. Vitess seamlessly integrates and extends numerous critical SQL functionalities while harnessing the scalability akin to that of a NoSQL database.


YugabyteDB is an open-source distributed database designed for high-performance, fault tolerance, and scalability. YugabyteDB is designed to handle both SQL and NoSQL workloads, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

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