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An object-oriented, high-level programming language designed for developing smart contracts that run on the EVM.


A framework for building customized blockchains. These blockchains can be run entirely autonomously, which means they don't depend on any external technology to run.


A fast and customizable blockchain emulator. It allows making calls to the blockchain without the overheads of running an actual Ethereum node.


A blockchain built to support and run decentralized applications and smart contracts.


A development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


An experimental Python-like programming language for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain



A library for writing and testing smart contracts.


A collection of libraries that allow one to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node using HTTP, IPC, or WebSocket.

Yellow Paper

A document similar to that of the white paper that provides details about the project. It is a formal paper that presents a report on a topic or we can say while launching a new cryptocurrency coin, the complete details are written on a yellow paper.

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