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A SERP API is an API that scrapes Google, Bing, and other search engines and handles the complexity of proxies and parsing HTML for you. For example, here’s the Google search API.

AWS AppSync

A fully managed GraphQL service that makes it easy to build data-driven web and mobile applications in the cloud.

AWS Amplify

A set of tools and services used by mobile and front-end web developers for building scalable full stack applications.


The location data platform for mobile and web applications. It provides building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation.


A file-level version control system that permits many types of organizations to work on several project versions at the same time. This capability is particularly beneficial in a software development environment, where it is used in maintaining parallel code versions.


A distributed tracing system released as open source. It is used for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices-based distributed systems.


An open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is a fully managed deployment service that automates software deployments to a variety of compute services such as Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and on-premises servers.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a timeline-based video editing app developed by Adobe Systems and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program.


A framework used for component-based software engineering and RAD. ActiveX allows creating, linking and embedding objects in different programming languages. The most prominent part of the framework is ActiveX controls, which is Microsoft's version of Java applets, meant to run on a personal computer rather than a server.


A computer program that automatically converts instructions written in Assembly language into machine language. Translates mnemonics, means human readable mostly three letter symbols into binary data that can be executed by a processor.


Stands for Adobe Enterprise Manager - a management platform for building responsive websites, mobile apps, forms and documents, and for managing their content. All tools are in one place, so it is easy to maintain workflow and develop a product in one environment.

Apache Ivy

A flexible and simple dependency manager. It is a subproject of Apache Ant, which it uses for solving dependencies and managing external libraries. Apache Ivy can solve any kind of dependencies, but it is geared towards Java dependencies.


GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. It assists software developers by providing code suggestions, autocompletions, and documentation as they write code in various programming languages. Copilot is designed to improve productivity and reduce the time developers spend on writing and debugging code.

Apache Mesos

An open source cluster management software. It simplifies deploying and managing apps in large scale clusters, and enables efficient sharing and isolation of resource among the distributed apps and frameworks.


Stands for Application Express – a software development environment for designing and deploying responsive, database-driven apps in a browser. It is web-based and runs on the Oracle database.


A platform based on natural language processing and machine learning. It is used to build human-computer interfaces, based on customer interactions with a company’s product. The platform uses conversation agents to answer questions.


Stands for Application Performance Management, a technology used to maintain the desired level of service through monitoring software applications and managing their performance and availability. The first APM tools were focused on 3-tier applications.


An APM tool, used for monitoring, managing, and optimizing complex software environments, as well as managing the availability of cloud computing apps. It constantly monitors the code to catch and resolve issues in a timely manner.


A series of tools for monitoring and testing web security. It allows identifying and preventing risks before deployment, as well as reducing costs by preventing future attacks. It supports mobile, web applications and cloud-based platforms.


AppVeyor is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test projects hosted on GitHub and other source code hosting services (including GitLab and Bitbucket) on a Microsoft Windows virtual machine, as well as Ubuntu Linux virtual machines.


A universal Artifact Repository Manager that supports all software packages, no matter what language or tool they were created with. It is an automated end-to-end solution for tracking development and production artifacts.


A project management tool for teams designed to help track their work, simplify collaboration and communication. The tool allows to manage projects and tasks online, from start to finish, without using email. It also shows the progress chart at any given time.


A set of cloud-based task and code management tools for software developers. It was created to speed up software development and provide support for distributed agile teams. It integrates with similar tools and services to enhance performance.

AWS CodeBuild

A fully managed continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces software packages that are ready to deploy. 

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