Bull Sessions with Tech Recruiters

"The best way to source candidates is to support the communities they care about."
08 June 2017
Hung Lee Co-founder and CEO of Workshape.io
Hung Lee
"Being a recruiter is the best way to unleash the real power of networking."
17 May 2017
Andrey Stetsenko Founder of Relocate.me and Glossarytech.com
Andrey Stetsenko
"Anomalous results require anomalous behavior."
17 May 2017
Josef Kadlec Founder and Chief Sourcing Architect at GoodCall & Recruitment Academy
Josef Kadlec
"Every day there’s something new that will change tech recruiting forever."
17 May 2017
Rob van Elburg a.i. Global IT Recruiter at ING, founder of RAVE-cruitment
Rob van Elburg

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