Our story from day one

Plunged into tech recruitment over 4 years ago, we immediately faced an urgent need to constantly expand our technical horizons. If you aren’t a tech wiz, it’s easy to ‘trip over’ IT industry buzzwords again and again while ‘reading’ developers’ CVs. Creating GlossaryTech wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Our tech squad was guided by a number of difficulties that we’d experienced daily:

  1. You can hardly keep pace with all of the updates that going on in the IT world every day.
  2. One often hears developers complain about tech recruiters confusing Java with JavaScript, offering irrelevant vacancies, and so on.
  3. Even if you’re not a ‘green’ recruiter, it’s easy to get confused by EJB, JSF, JPA, or JBoss, and be unable to refer to the appropriate technology. Not to mention Cucumber, Tomcat, Elixir and Sinatra :)

Here’s the path we traversed before creating GlossaryTech:

Sept 2015

Our team of 15 began collecting technology terms and their definitions, in order to ‘speak tech’.

Dec 2015

The idea of gathering a set of IT terms and their definitions for our own use rapidly snowballed into something bigger and more meaningful. That’s how the first ‘Glossary for Tech Recruiters’ appeared, and it quickly spread around the web, via LinkedIn Pulse, SocialTalent, RecruitingDaily and others. Positive feedback was not long in coming:

Awesome! It's gonna be my new encyclopedia!

If any recruiter gets through at least half of this list, he/she will definitely quit recruiting and apply for a regular development position the next morning!

I found here exactly what I was looking for! Good job, guys!

Meet the Tech Recruiter’s Bible!

Jan 2016

We decided to keep on our ‘journey’. More than 300 software engineers’ resumes were explored, and dozens of developers were questioned.

Mar 2016

‘Glossary for tech recruiters. Part 2’ came out.

Sept 2016

Inspired by a new wave of compliments from IT recruiters and thought leaders worldwide, (such as Irina Shamaeva, Bill Boorman, Johnny Campbell), and full of energy to go the extra mile, we resumed a deliberate selection process of the ‘hottest’ technologies in the

Oct 2016

The 3rd edition of our Glossary was published.

Dec 2016

By this time, the idea of putting everything together had occurred to us, but we knew that our Glossary had to be even handier than its co-brothers (Gild and StackOverflow).

Feb 2017

GlossaryTech, an easy to use and absolutely free service for tech recruiters, has finally been launched, and is ready to become your 24-hour sourcing assistant.


More cool features are coming soon!

GlossaryTech is built to bring IT hunters up to speed on ‘tech speech’ and feel confident when interacting with candidates for tech positions. One needn’t go into programming to communicate with them equally; all that is needed is a little bit of passion and the right tools, one of which may well be GlossaryTech.

This technology dictionary enables you to easily find all necessary terms and their meanings.

What makes GlossaryTech stand out from the crowd is its similarity to crowdsourcing platforms. To keep the Glossary relevant, it’s constantly expanded by the global recruiting community, as well as software developers.

We also believe there is a particular value in structuring information. All tech terms in the Glossary are logically divided into groups, which speeds up the process of reading developers’ CVs.

Our mission is to make complex tech definitions clear, while providing IT recruiters
with a go-to guide to understand the latest and most common terms found in software engineers’ profiles.

It’s time to break down the walls between developers and tech recruiters, join forces
and go pro! There’s no doubt that all of us will benefit from it.

Sincerely yours,
GlossaryTech Team

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